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Thursday 17 March, 2011 21:39

Easter with Chika Watanabe - Head Chocolatier at Melt

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by Louise


One of the specialities Melt offers at this time of year is our famous Giant Easter Egg. This monster £900 egg.

I challenged the staff to come up with something special for Easter, and the team came up with the idea of a monster egg that would put all others to shame.

 We decided on a shell of milk-dark chocolate; a wonderful mixture of House blend that melts in the mouth as soon as its eaten. This delicious chocolate is featured in our 90g almond bar and rose violet bars (our best selling products)  and which is one of my favorites!

The egg was then sprayed with a finish to make it shiny and, this is made from a one part cacao butter to two parts dark chocolate. This is something I really enjoy, as while the spraying is happening, the whole kitchen is filled with a fine mist and the most glorious taste of chocolate.


After its final-coat of spray, the egg is set aside to dry. Then we go about decorating it with chocolate rabbits, hens and small eggs. These are hand made in our kitchen in moulds – then attached to the main egg with melted chocolate. Our rabbits are attached by cutting round holes in the egg with metal cake ring, heated on the stove. These are just big enough to hold the rabbits, which look like they’re jumping out into the air.

Last year’s egg came in a huge bowl, but this year we decided to construct an all-chocolate 5 Kilo base.

The giant egg is finally transported to our Ledbury shop and Selfridges shop by a car, requiring two people to escort and carry it.  Then an accident happened on the way from our Notting Hill kitchen to Selfridge’s in Oxford street. One rabbit was damaged in the move and had to be replaces – however, it all came together in the end.

This year’s 2 giants eggs are on display in Selfridges and Ledbury road in Notting Hill. Also there are 2 other large size eggs for the special order which we will make to order.  Just pop in our shop to see them !!!

Chika – Head Chocolatier at Melt


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