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About Us: Melt Chocolates

A fresh chocolate is like nothing else…it is truly sublime. All our recipes are designed in-house by the Melt...

Chocolate Tastings: Corporate Gifts and Occasions

Melt chocolates can be used for these and many other corporate events:
Product launches and promotionsPR eventsCocktail receptions, lunches and dinnersCorporate...

Courses: Melt Chocolates

Don’t taste wash your children with bad quality chocolate, they’ll never forgive you!

Organic Chocolate from the Caribbean - Luxury Chocolates

Even though Grenada’s cocoa is one of the most expensive on the world market, the cocoa farmers themselves are underpaid...

Organic, Luxury Chocolates: The Research Stage

Mott goes one further than his chocolate dreams by adding renewable energy as well. The new vision was to build...

Organic Chocolate

Mott and two other, one from Oregon and one from the same village, started their Chocolate Company. Transforming an old,...

History of Chocolate from Melt Chocolates

The trees grow best in lush, shaded rainforest and the beans sprout in gorgeous pods from the trunk of the...

Mark Hix in collaboration with Melt Chocolates

The Blackberry Bonbon
This tart's delicate milk chocolate shell is filled with a fruity blackberry puree that possesses a wonderful...

Chocolate Santander: Single Origin Chocolate

We feel it is important to support local farmers and the local production of chocolate . Breaking the cycle of...

How to taste Chocolate: Melt Chocolates

LOOK look at your piece of chocolate and check the following: the chocolate should be shiny, meaning it is the...

Luxury Chocolates in Notting Hill, London: W11 2AA

We aim to bring the highest quality, fresh chocolate to a wide audience, whether you are a local resident or...

Melt - Customer Services

For any other enquiries please contact our Notting Hill Store at 0207- 727-5030.

If you just want to talk to our...

Fresh Chocolates: Luxury Fresh Chocolate from Melt Chocolate

We don’t like the large industrialized chocolates that are closer to chemical soup than they are to real chocolate. ...

Dark Chocolate: Mail Order Dark Chocolate

Try our Wild Chocolate Bar, our Ultimate Bar and also our Smoke Bar. The Wild bar uses beans from...

Luxury Milk Chocolate: Milk Chocolate Delivered in the UK

Don’t take our word for it – try our Melt Bar 2 and our Melt Bar 3. So Swiss...

Love Chocolate

Why does everyone love chocolate? Chocolate is one of those magical foods that makes you feel so good -that's why....

Chef River Cafe

The name Melt was born over one of those blissful, warm summer evenings at The River Café, which seemed to...

Chef Skye Gyngell: Melt Chocolates

Skye and our Master Chocolatier worked together to create an elegant, slightly salty, dark chocolate truffle with a hint of...

Chef Sophie Conran : Melt Chocolates

A lovely painterly egg created with cocoa butter paints.
This egg is quintessentially Easter - flowers, butterflies and colour -...

Chocoholics Club: Melt Chocolates

We then explored and summarised the scientific research which talks about the HEALTH BENEFITS of chocolate. Next, we researched what...

Health Benefits of Chocolate

Chocolate throughout history has been seen as medicinal

Gourmet Chocolate from Melt Chocolates

Chocolate has more flavours than wine, has many bean varieties - just like the different types of grapes. It...

White Chocolate: Buy White Chocolate Online

Melt, of course, has taken white chocolate much further than that - sourcing the best white chocolate we could find...

Caramels from Melt Chocolates

Our other best-seller is our vanilla caramel - which is deliciously soft and creamy. Hand-wrapped and made in our shop,...

Melt Chocolates Privacy Policy

We know that by choosing Melt to deliver your chocolate, you've placed a great deal of trust in us. We...

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Chocolate and Hollywood

Chocolate has a surprising connection with Hollywood – but not one that you might expect. In the early days...

Chocolate and Fairtrade

Melt understands and supports the principles of Fairtrade. Fairtrade aims to follow these key principles:
farming in a way that’s...

White brownies with pecans and hazelnuts

This recipe has all the satisfaction and moreishness of regular chocolate brownies. They are deliciously moist and keep well. If...
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