Handmade Luxury Chocolates from Melt

White Chocolate

Smooth, creamy and sweet

White Chocolate brings out the child in us - it is smooth, creamy and sweet.
It reminds us of hot summer days when we were children - religiously eating our "milky bar kid" white chocolate bar.

Melt, of course, has taken white chocolate much further than that - sourcing the best white chocolate we could find and using a higher percentage of cocoa butter than the mass produced chocolate you are used too. So for a delicious pick me up or treat to get you through the day, try our delicious white chocolate.

Of course, even luxury white chocolate is not really chocolate - it is a combination of cocoa butter and sugar. But cocoa butter has a wonderful texture and has been credited with health benefits in its own right. We have also taken white chocolate in a different direction - adding a new taste experience. By combining White chocolate with Strawberry and Tarragon - we have created an unusual recipe that will raise eyebrows. The sweet white chocolate balances beautifully with the fruity strawberry and tarragon gives a note of surprise. Who dares wins!!.

White chocolate has that childish innocence about it - which is why it is ideal for weddings or gifts for loved ones. Of course children always love white chocolate, as well - but one has to be careful to keep the sugar content low - which we always aim to do.
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