A delicious dilemma...blocks or buttons?

“Chocolate is a divine drink which builds up resistance and fights fatigue. A cup of this precious drink permits a man to walk for a whole day without food.”
Hernan Cortes

Autumn is here, so warm up your day with the Melt hot chocolate blocks and buttons.

Using pure chocolate ensures a wonderfully thick, satisfying hot chocolate. Season with either our vanilla or cinnamon sugar for an even greater taste experience!

Hot Chocolate Blocks

These innovative hot chocolate blocks are definitely the most fun way to make and drink hot chocolate - available in milk or dark chocolate.

Hot Chocolate Buttons

These versatile little buttons make a really rich drink.

We have also found them to be perfect for cooking -chocolate chip cookies, cakes...and pretty good for nibbling too.

Available in milk and dark chocolate, in a cute caddy which makes a lovely gift.

Hot Chocolate Gift Set

Know someone in need of the perfect gift? Look no further - a Melt Hot Chocolate caddy, a Melt Hot Chocolate Block and our Bathing Bear porcelain mug

Seasoned sugar

If you want a really glamorous hot chocolate, then our seasoned sugars are the biz.

Simply add one or two teaspoons to your hot chocolate and you have a beautifully fragrant, delicious hot chocolate.

If you love the GBBO as much as we do, then these versatile seasoned sugars will also take your cakes, biscuits and tarts to a professional level!