Back to school...back to work

Summer is officially over, we hope you had a good one!

Back to work, or back to school...sweeten the mood with a treat from Melt

Kid's Bars

Treat your little ones to a square of delicious chocolate after a hard day at school.

Our handmade Children's bars are made with excellent quality chocolate - both milk and dark milk versions have a high cocoa content, cocoa butter and no additives whatsoever.

Simple glassine paper wrappers mean there is little packaging impact - top marks!


A little daily treat, with a big impact - so popular we make them on a daily basis in our Notting Hill kitchen.

Vanilla caramel - made with the finest 'Rolls Royce' of natural vanillas.

Chocolate caramel - made with 100% chocolate

Chunk bar

Our chunk bar has been lovingly made by hand since Melt began - the Melt chocolatiers have created some wonderful new flavours.

The Melt dark chocolate salted caramel is so completely and utterly divine that we recently launched a milk chocolate salted caramel chunk bar and a crunchy fueillantine bar.

If you are working hard - you deserve to treat yourself to all three chunks!


Check out our gorgeous new space in the heart of Selfridges confectionary department - 400 Oxford Street, London

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