Choc o'clock...classes at Melt

Do you want to learn more about chocolate with the Melt chocolatiers? Melt has classes that come in a variety of formats and there is something for everyone.

Please phone our store for bookings and enquiries whether it is for a 10 minute masterclass, corporate event, birthday party, kid's party, or you just want to learn more about the world's favourite food! 020 7727-5030

Classes for little ones

We have been running very successful kids courses for 8 years, and many a happy child has been seen trotting out of Melt with a chocolaty smile on their face - a history, geography and science lesson all in one! with the added bonus of making and eating chocolate! Shouldn't all lessons be like this?!

Teeenagers classes

Always ahead of the curve Melt has now developed a class for teenagers.

Teenagers love chocolate and this complex and fascinating subject is right up their street. We'll let their creative ideas run wild without the constraints of exams and classrooms. With their new found greater dexterity - we'll teach them some nifty chocolate tricks of the trade, discuss the heath benefits of good quality chocolate, and teach them that it's all about quality, not quantity. They will be relieved to hear that the best quality chocolate does not give you spots and it is not bad for your teeth!

Adult classes

Chocolate is the world's favourite food. Would you like to learn the fascinating processes that go into making chocolate, from bean to bar? With many complex and delicate stages of the chocolate making process to go through, is it any wonder that chocolate is one of the most complex foods on the planet?

There are so many subtle nuances that make chocolate taste good. Learn the lingo and become part of the new generation of chocolate aficionado's!