Chocolate is the answer...

Are you running out of time, stuck for ideas, don't want to resort to knick-knacks - then we have the answer - everyone loves chocolate!

Present for the teacher

Don't forget, whether it's school, nursery or Uni, teachers work super hard looking after and educating your precious little ones.
A collection of our latest Hot Chocolate Caddies and Seasoned Sugar will supply them with restorative hot chocolate throughout next term.
£12.50 per caddie

The Surly Teenager

Teenagers ADORE chocolate - it is the perfect food to Melt away their moods and anxieties. We'd also like to dispel the myth - the right kind of chocolate does not give them spots or make them fat - just happy!

Teenagers love the youthful flavours and bright colours of our Melt Bar Collection.

Stack £85
or individually at £7.20

The Yoga Teacher

After a round of 'downward dog' your Yoga teacher will appreciate some dark, fresh chocolates with some inner energy and warmth - like our Chili cube.
Box of 18 fresh chocolates £30.50

Stocking Filler

The perfect little gift to stuff a stocking - Melt our best selling blocks in hot milk or cream for the perfect hot chocolate drink. With original paper origami wrappers.
£2.50 each - milk or dark chocolate

The Foodie

The Melt book has mouth watering chocolate recipes to suit all abilities and stunning photography by Food Photographer of the Year 2012, Jean Cazals.
Melt Book £25

For Her

A trio of our best selling recipes:
Milk Chocolate Studded with Almond Nibs,
Milk Chocolate Seasoned with Passion Fruit,
Dark Milk Chocolate with Toasted Whole Hazelnuts.

Beautifully packaged with designs depicting the passion flower, almond flower and hazelnut kernel and leaves.

Three for £28

For Him

A boxed hamper full of wonderful chocolate treats: Smoke Bar, Strip Bar, Hot Chocolate Blocks, chunky Hazelnut Slab, Melt Book, cute expresso cup and much more will provide much chocolate satisfaction!
Chocolate Hamper - For Him
Prices vary from £50 in store

For the little ones

Delicious, excellent quality, handmade chocolate bars for little ones. Wrapped in paper wrappers with the cutest illustrations by Lisa Jones
Two for £11

The Mother-in-law

We all know the mother-in-law likes a little tipple, our champagne bonbons are chic and no other champagne bonbon. Beautifully packaged.
Box of 10 Champagne bonbons £15.50

Party Gift

I have already been to a couple of Christmas parties and a stash of these at home make invaluable gifts.
Delicious seasonal recipes and gorgeous boxes - which will no doubt be re-used as pencil pots and jewellery boxes!

The Ultimate Gift

Chocolate and gold St. Nicolas with three solid gold coins from the East and the West; the English Sovereign, the Chinese Panda and the American Eagle.

To order only on 020 7727-5030

Present for the tree

Adorn your tree with the Melt paper baubles filled with incredibly moreish salty, cocoa covered popcorn.