Chocolate makes you slim

es, we know that sounds ridiculous but as consumers of vast amounts of chocolate, we are well placed to judge.  However, we would expect you to put no more faith in that statement coming from a chocolate company, than believing that ice cream was good for you coming from an ice cream man!   We fully accept that the team at Melt are chocoholics and not scientists so we have to rely on scientific research and the boffins in America to prove our point.  They have identified the specific ingredient in chocolate that may be responsible for this weight loss and also help in the prevention of diabetes.  Researchers at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute set out to test several groups of cocoa compounds to see which were most effective in preventing weight gain and obesity. The winners: a group of compounds called oligomeric procyanidins (PCs). The researchers  found that oligomeric PCs, or OPCs, help regulate blood glucose levels, suggesting the compounds might prove useful in treating diabetes.  Lead researcher Andrew P. Neilson said: “Oligomeric PCs appear to possess the greatest anti-obesity and anti-diabetic bioactivities of the flavanols in cocoa.”

But what if chocolate not only makes you slim, but also makes you smart?  You will argue that now we are going from the sublime to the ridiculous, but there is a direct correlation between  consumption of dark chocolate and Nobel prize winners.  If you're smart you will probably tell us that that's because smart people just love chocolate.  We would of course agree with you. But no less than an article the New England Journal of Medicine stated:

"There was a close, significant linear correlation (r=0.791) between chocolate consumption per capita and the number of Nobel laureates per 10 million persons in a total of 23 countries.  When recalculated with the exclusion of Sweden, the correlation coefficient increased to 0.862. Switzerland was the top performer in terms of both the number of Nobel laureates and chocolate consumption."

So, the sciencists are saying  that chocolate makes you slim, smart and you live longer with all those anti-oxidants.  Even if all this science proves absolute hocus pocus and completely wrong, at  least you will have enjoyed the ride!  This makes chocolate the perfect food.  Watch out for our book, Melt's Chocolate Diet!

Those clever Mayans discovered chocolate. They were certainly smart as they also discovered zero. Now where would we be today without zero?