Chocolate Stimulation

To get people through the daily ups and downs of life, early civilisations all chose food that acted as a powerful stimulant. For the Americas, it was Chocolate, that originates there. For the African Continent it was coffee, which originated in Ethiopia and for the Asian Continent it was tea.

Melt naturally believes chocolate is the best choice. Chocolate combines caffeine with many other neurotransmitters which trigger the feelings of pleasure and love. Not surprisingly Chocolate is called the food of the Gods. Surely, if chocolate had been around in the time of the Ancient Greeks, Cupid would have dispensed chocolate instead of shooting his lovers with arrows

The three chocolate chemical compounds which act as neurotransmitters are:

caffeines chemical cousin, which is a stimulant for the central nervous system and the circulation of blood.
which triggers the release of pleasurable endorphins and is sometimes called “the love drug”
or Anandamides which activates dopamine production, causing a feeling of intense well-being and euphoria. The name derives from the Sanskrit word "ananda", which means "bliss"

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