Forget love - I'd rather fall in chocolate" Melt unwrapped - Behind the scenes at Melt

Melt creates London’s most luxurious chocolate. Founded by mother of four, Louise Nason, from the beginning her aim was to engage all of our six senses.

At our boutique in Notting Hill, Chocolate can be seen being made in our kitchen and not in some industrial park. Chocolate can be smelt and touched as it is melted and moulded by our chocolatiers.

Most importantly good chocolate can be tasted - slowly and succulently.
The sound you hear is that of the satisfaction of the soul as “chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world's perfect food". Michael Levine.

So during Chocolate Week - we wanted to go behind the scenes and show you Melt Unwrapped and introduce you to our chocolatiers in their kitchen.

Coming from Japan he brings an extraordinary creative flair and attention to detail.

He leads our kitchen which is a creative cauldron of ideas.

He loves chocolate because of its texture and taste - being one of the few foods to melt at body temperature.

His favourite chocolate is our caramelised milk chocolate popcorn slab!

Dans passion is cooking and he's been glued to the Great British Bake-off. He loves chocolate because of the scientific complexity of chocolate.

He's endlessly exploring to find the freshest and most flavourful combination.

His favourite chocolate is our Lapsang souchong dark chocolate truffle, because he created, made it and eats it.

Kate makes sure we are all very health conscious. Chocolate has many powerful anti-oxidants which can fight cancer and when combined with blackcurrants becomes the “super food of super foods”.

She loves chocolate because it is good for your health and a even makes you slim.

Her favourite chocolate is our extra treat bar because she believes it is the healthiest option she could find.