Creativity, Luxury, Craftsmanship

After the excitement, energy and enthusiasm gleaned from a trip to Istanbul earlier this year, Melts' Byzantine inspired Christmas Collection glitters like the jewels at the Topkapi Palace - and our chocolates taste as delicious and intriguing as the street stalls selling super-fresh fast-food.

East meets West

Byzantium, AD 330 - 1453 is a creative fusion of East meets West. We have taken key characteristics typical of this highly creative and successful period of history through to our Christmas Collection - creativity, luxury, craftsmanship and beauty.

Turkey is where some of the modern conventions of Christmas originated. Saint Nicholas, or Santa Claus, was Bishop of Myra during the 4th century.

Chocolate St. Nicolas Figure with Golden Halo and Gold Coins from East and West; The English Sovereign, The Chinese Panda and the American Eagle.
Limited Edition - to order

Camilla Meijer hand-drawn designs

Closer to home we find Camilla Meijer, a Swedish textile designer working and living in London. She has hand-drawn beautiful designs for our new chocolate boxes and wrappers.
The designs are inspired by the flowers of the ingredients we use - the cacao flower, vanilla flower, raspberry, passionfruit and many more.

Delicious chocolate, beautiful packaging - perfect gifts

Visit Camilla at the Cockpit Arts Studio and stock up on wonderful gifts.
Cockpit Arts Open Studio 2012
Studio E2M (Second floor opposite the Cafe)
Friday 30 Nov – Sunday 2 Dec
Cockpit Yard, Northington St, London, WC1N 2NP

Hazelnut in Dark-Milk Chocolate
Passsionfruit in Milk Chocolate
Almond Nibs in Milk Chocolate

Available from our store in Notting Hill, and our concessions in Selfridges, Oxford Street and Harrods, Knightsbridge.

The Melt Book

Divine photography by Food Photographer of the Year 2012, Jean Cazals - and delicious recipes to suit all skill levels.

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