Heart of Gold

Melt has the perfect Valentine's gift...A heart of gold.
This exquisite hand made chocolate heart is decorated with real gold leaf - a beautiful and delicious way to say "I Love You".

If you want to add a secret message to be sealed inside the heart just visit our store and kitchen in Ledbury Road or Selfridges - see timings below.

£14.50 Medium size
£26.50 Large size

The prettiest gift of love

If you are looking for something gorgeous - we have a extra special Valentine gift created by Assya & Melt.

Assya Love Bracelet

Assya's gold 'Love Bracelet' has a LOVE charm and pretty pink garnet - encased in our milk chocolate heart.
Chika Watanabe has designed an exclusive hand made heart for the Assya Love Bracelet.


Interactive event timings at Selfridges

Our chocolatiers will be on hand to help you design your own bespoke chocolate heart.
Create a tattoo heart with scribblings of unrequited love...or write a poem of undying love and have it sealed inside a chocolate heart.
Saturday 11th February 1-5pm
Sunday 12th February 1-5pm
Monday 13th February 1-7pm
Tuesday 14th February 1-5pm
@ the Melt concession, Selfridges - 400 Oxford Street.

Love Bar

Post a little love...from a secret admirer.

Our hand made Love Bar is one of our most popular bars from the Melt Bar Collection.
Post it to your Valentine with a message of love. There is a special pocket in the front of the sleeve for your message of undying love.

£7.75 90g Bar

Hot Chocolate

It's cold outside, so treat your loved one to a hot chocolate to melt their heart.

Or share a hot chocolate with friends and share your love. Store hours - Notting Hill.
Monday-Saturday 10am-6.30pm
Sunday 11am-4.30pm.

We are the only independent chocolate company that has a concession at Selfridges and Harrods.