The Melt kitchen

What goes on in the Melt kitchen? - well, this is where we discuss, design, make and wrap all our delicious fresh chocolates and bars - made purely by our small in house team, led by our Head Chocolatier, Chika Watanabe.

We have been particularly busy this summer having tasting meetings. The team have been analysing the subtle nuances in our chocolates - the taste and appearance. We have re-visited favourites again and again to constantly tweak and improve, and I must say it's one of the best parts of the job!

We have agreed on a range of 'Classics' - all those chocolates that we know you just can't live without!

Like children and pets they deserve to be named - existing names such as 'Coconut Square' just don't do them justice - everyone is welcome to help name their favourite chocolate - just email us in the kitchen by replying to this email.

Finally, Chika has been working extensively on our Autumn collection - come and try them, let us know what you think!

Here Chika is making our Gianduja domes. This is a very popular chocolate. It's hand painted cocoa butter decoration makes it very attractive.

A gorgeous sight - our chocolate trolley, laden with delicious, freshly made chocolate waiting to be packed.

The divine salted caramel bar, need we say more.

Only small batches are made and they are delicate, so many bars are lost even though they are gently tapped out of their moulds.

We use our own unique blends of couverture as well as single origin chocolate and other chocolate that we rate and enjoy.

This is chocolate being tempered in a heating kettle.

Let us know which are your favourite chocolates - or even better - name one!

British Food Fortnight is September 17th-2nd October 2011. Chika has designed a clotted cream fudge, chocolate of course.

Taste the Autumn collection at our fab concession at Selfridges from 22nd September, our delicious chocolates are also now available at our new concession in Harrods.