Miss Melt's perfect gift tips

As we lurch into the Christmas run-up our very own Miss Melt can advise on the perfect Christmas gifts. She is a bit like Penelope Pitstop, full of energy and always on the go, all the legwork has been done for you and everything goes with CHOCOLATE!

It’s all in the detail at Christmas, and the thought does count, a freshly made coffee for your loved one on Christmas morning will score vital brownie points.
The ultimate in good taste is niche brand Sea Island Coffee, I’ll be wanting a cup of the Hawaii Greenwell Private Reserve where the coffee plants are “kissed by morning sun and caressed by afternoon rain showers”

For wine – if you’re quick off the mark and belong in the megabucks bracket, why not be charitable at the same time and buy a barrel of divine Burgundy from the Christies traditional Hospice de Beaune Wine Auction on the 15th November. How do you trump a gift like that!

If you’re loved one is serious about tasting chocolate and wine then don’t buy a synthetic mass-produced perfume for her stocking. Seek out small, artisan brands, I ADORE my little treat to myself from Liberty’s last week (I have to road test it, of course!) You will be appreciated a lot more for sourcing Ambrette 9 from the brand Le Labo, it smells like a freshly bitten apple – minimal packaging, yes please - and you can add a note for the label to make it more personal.

The perfect finale for this delicious list of gifts must be the biggest 'must have' of this Christmas, from the just launched new Melt Bar range The Gold Bar – a little bit of delicious glamour - I suggest eating this for breakfast for the most hedonistic start to the day.
Miss Melt will be bringing you more edible ideas for the most delicious Christmas ever…

Miss Melt finds the most delicious and covetable gifts for your family this Christmas

The Gold Bar - originally a recipe designed for the Sir John Soane Museum Venetian party - a decadent recipe with spices and gold