Delicious, fresh recipes

The Melt team were making chocolates all the way up to and including Easter Saturday. YES, they were making eggs on Easter Saturday - that really is fresh!

The whirlwind has past and now there is a welcome opportunity for the chocolatiers to be truly creative and get some innovative recipes out for you to try.
Chika Watanabe has used ingredients from her native Japan to develop an exciting new recipe - Hoji Tea bonbon. Hoji Tea is a roasted Green Tea which has less caffeine and tannin than Green Tea. Chika infuses the tea overnight and then creates an incredibly silky smooth ganache. She is only making very small batches of this gorgeous chocolates which has a short shelf life, so grab some while you can! Available at Ledbury Road and Selfridges.

Chocolate tastings

We will be running chocolate tastings, courses and the popular Childrens Hour throughout spring, contact for details

Coming up...

We are very excited to be launching a range of bars and chocolates with our latest design idea - using unique coloured cocoa butter stencils translated directly from pretty vintage fabrics that I have collected over the years- watch this space!