New recipes from the Melt kitchen

L O V I N G   B L O N D E

Melt has just launched the luxurious Pistachio Blonde Bar.

“Sheer decadence” describe the characteristics of this bar.  Luxurious, expensive ingredients coupled with a labour intensive in-house ‘blonding’ process of white chocolate combine to make an awesome bar.

Our incredibly extensive Melt Bar Collection is all made in house by our team of chocolatiers in our Notting Hill and Holland Park kitchens.

T O A S T   +   M A R M A L A D E  

A glorious milk chocolate bar, with toasted sourdough bread and soft confit orange. A quintessential British classic flavour combination - Toast + Marmalade, weekends just wouldn't be the same without it.
This quirky and highly successful chocolate bar is a great gift, or weekend treat.

N E W   K I D S   R A N G E

Kids deserve good quality chocolate too!  These adorable and delicious handmade chocolate bars are new to our extensive range.  Kids (and grown ups, let’s be honest!) will adore our new recipes - milk chocolate studded with juicy raisins and dark milk chocolate filled with crunchy biscuit and raisin.

All our chocolate bars are available to buy online, in store at our Notting Hill and Holland Park boutiques and at our Selfridges concession.