Stuff your stockings with Melt

The most perfect stocking filler and a firm Melt favourite - the stylish and fun Hot Chocolate Block. Who wouldn't want to find one of these popping out of their Christmas stocking?

Stir and twirl your hot chocolate block in hot milk or cream for a warming Christmas drink!

Melt Wrap Bars

Wrap bars, cute finger bars of chocolate seasoned with
fun flavours, strawberry + tarragon with white chocolate, natural raspberries with milk chocolate, to name but two!

For a chocolate lover - completely stuff their stocking with these darlings!

No plastic here to interfere with the taste of your chocolate - Melt prefers paper!

Chunk Bars

Chunky chocolate bars, featuring some of our best selling recipes. Dark chocolate with salted caramel interior, milk chocolate with crunchy feuillantine and milk chocolate with salted caramel interior...wake up on Christmas morning to bars of bliss.

Kids Bars

Choose chocolate, not sweets!...and good chocolate too. We believe children deserve high quality chocolate. Wrapped in paper wrappers (note - no plastic) with adorable illustrations for Melt by brilliant Brit illustrator Lisa Jones.

Milk or dark milk chocolate.

Countdown to Christmas...

Our new store is coming along, will we open for Christmas??!!

At least the Stilnovo 1950's Italian sputnik light is partially up!