Summer fun

Twist & Shout..whether you are hanging out at a festival, surfing the waves or walking in the mountains we have a bar to hit every spot and tingle every tastebud to make your summer a far more pleasurable one.

Chocolate contains the chemical compound theobromine, that not only stimulates the brain in the same way as caffeine - but it is also known to trigger endorphins in the brain - giving you that happy, holiday, summertime vibe.

And wherever you may be - we can deliver!


These laid-back caramels in their unbleached parchment paper wrappers are one of our best-sellers.

Their understated look belies an incredibly rich and sophisticated dark chocolate caramel, made with a punch packing 100% cocoa chocolate. They are pure decadence.

Notoriously difficult to make - so appreciate every mouthful!

A pack of these will get you through every flight delay and every traffic jam.

Pimm's Bonbon

One of the latest additions to our summer collection, the true taste of summer in a bonbon. It's got the Pimm's, the cucumber, the orange slices, the mint - a must try!

Created by our cocktail expert and chocolatier Dan.

Keep the little ones happy...

Chilly after a swim, grumpy after a long car journey, picnics or a treat for being good...these cute wrap bars make up the perfect stash of essential goodies for your holiday.