Chocolate is something to be enjoyed 365 days a year!
Head chocolatier at Melt - Chika Watanabe has designed some delicious summery chocolates. Here are some of our mouth-watering new recipes:
Rhubarb & Lemon Verbena - a soft, fruity, summery white ganache infused with lemon verbena paired with a rhubarb ganache.
Japanese Chili - an exotic and sophisticated recipe - shichimi (seven herbs) & chili infused with cream.
Violet Rose Cream - a contemporary twist on Granny's favourite - a white chocolate ganache with a touch of lime and violet & rose essence.
Sugar Free Truffle - yes, just what you want for summer!!!

And don't forget you can cool down with our frozen truffles and handmade ice cream, made in small batches everyday.

Delicious Daddy

Don't forget Fathers Day on Sunday 20th June...Daddies love chocolate too!
Play around and make a poem using our delicious chocolate bars: Here is the ditty we made up using Melt 90g bars:
I bet your dad doesn't SMOKE or go to a STRIP BAR. I'm sure he is great fun popping POPCORN at midnight and goes WILD and blows a RASPBERRY for a joke and jumps like a COCONUT and wears ORANGE lipstick. I bet he gives you 100% LOVE and is as good as GOLD and makes mummy MINT tea. Show your dad you LOVE him 100%