The Melt Book is here...

The long anticipated Melt Book is here! A beautiful book with wonderful recipes that will appeal to both the domestic cook and those that are seeking a more challenging chocolate recipe.
Recipes are by Melt founder Louise Nason and Head Chocolatier Chika Watanabe. Delectable photographs by the brilliant Jean Cazals.
Published by Absolute Press.

Look no further for your Christmas gifts - unless you want to add a box of fresh salted caramels!

Hot Chocolate Corner

It is really difficult to find good hot chocolate - one is so often fobbed off by a sweet sachet of cocoa powder, even in swanky places.

We have designed a stylish spot adorned with books and magazines where you can read, relax and enjoy a REALLY GOOD hot chocolate.

Try 'The Filthy Rich' if you want a shot of the richest hot chocolate imaginable!

Opening November - Ledbury Road


We have a lovely neighbour in Ledbury Road - ilovegorgeous who have the most delectable collection of girls clothes ever. My girls love them! They will be slipping a Melt chocolate treat into all online orders for the next couple of weeks. Treat your little ones!


Yes, it's around the corner.
We have the perfect chocolate gifts - Our BonBon tree is gorgeous, original and delicious.

We'll continue making them right up to Christmas week - so don't worry if you've left it to the last minute! Come and see us for all your Christmas gifts!

- also available at and our New concession in