Trick or treat?!

If it's on the BBC it must be the programme: Trust me I’m a Doctor Series 2 Episode 2, Doctor Chris Van Tulleken visited Melt in Ledbury Road, Notting Hill and announced to the world that Chocolate is good for you.

Don't be tricked - treat yourself and the kids to proper chocolate this Halloween - great quality with a high cocoa content.


Dr Chris Van Tulleken goes on to say not only do you “crave and adore” chocolate because it directly stimulates your brain with feelings of pleasure and happiness, due to the release of the hormone serotonin, it is also good for you. Chocolate, alongside the humble apple, is a superfood with a magic component called a flavonoid. Flavonoids have been shown to reduce blood pressure. Flavonoids can also help boost brain power and memory as it stimulates an increase of blood flow to the brain.

Fresh is best

At Melt, our chocolates and bars are made in small batches by our team of chocolatiers: Eiichi, Kate and Dan. Our Halloween chocolates and scary lollipops are being made by hand this week in our kitchen...come along with the kids and let them be creative and decorate their own Halloween treats!

Chocolate is a super food

Cacao has nearly twice as many antioxidants as red wine, and up to three times as many as green tea. The belief is that antioxidants may slow down or even prevent the development of certain diseases, ageing and reduce blood pressure. Chocolate contains 4 essential components that make it one of the superfoods:

1. Magnesium: For the heart to be at its peak performance, it requires two minerals more than any other, magnesium and potassium. Cacao, of course, is a fantastic food source of heart-supporting magnesium.

2. Antioxidants: According to research, cacao beans are super-rich in antioxidant flavonoids. Cacao is one of the richest sources of antioxidants of any food.

3. Phenylethylamine: is a chemical in cacao that increases the activity of neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) in parts of the brain that control our ability to pay attention and stay alert.

4. Anti-Depressant Properties of Cacao: Cacao is also a great source of serotonin, dopamine, and phenylethylamine, three well-studied neurotransmitters, which help alleviate depression. Cacao also contains anandamide which delivers blissful feelings and B vitamins, which are associated with brain health. Cacao is a natural prozac!

100% Bar

Have you ever tasted 100% dark chocolate? If you want the full-on chocolate experience and health benefits, then this is the bar to try.
Without the interference of sugar, this chocolate is bold, strong and dark purple-brown in colour.
An intense bitterness grabs the senses at first, possibly making you pull a face, then this fades into an afterburn of pure chocolate...
Don't be life; it's always worth trying real chocolate.

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