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Melt Chocolates make the perfect gift. Choosing a gift is often confusing so at Melt Chocolates we have a few principles that should help you identify the very best present:

Firstly – your gift must show you really know the recipient well and have thought deeply about his or her likes and dislikes.

The most successful presents are those that demonstrate you really care about the person. As everybody loves Chocolate, you can be certain you will hit the right spot. Chocolate is almost always the perfect present and it has been given as a gift for thousands of years. Melt doesn’t use alcohol in our chocolates so there is no risk of offending anybody.

Secondly - a gift says almost as much about the giver as the recipient.

If you put a lot of effort into finding your present it will be valued more highly by the recipient. Melt likewise puts a lot of love and effort into making their fresh chocolates for you - effort that will get your gifts noticed. Our chocolates are handmade in small batches in our kitchen in Notting Hill, London, by our skilled chocolatiers. You can even watch them make your chocolates yourself – but the key is we do not mass produce our chocolates with machines. A machine that mindlessly churns out chocolate will definitely not strike the right note as a present. Gifts often demonstrate the status of the giver, so you should carefully consider what the present says about you.

Thirdly - your gift should be desirable and leave your recipient with a feeling of pure pleasure.

Melt Chocolates are London’s most luxurious chocolates. Melt uses wonderful chocolate and an abundance and generosity of ingredients. Our gifts are packed in beautiful boxes and smart bags - veering away from plastic - and we use as much recyclable packaging as possible. A fresh chocolate tastes so much better than a mass produced one and at Melt we are passion is for taste - not shelf life - we therefore use less sugar and have no need to use alcohol. The result is an infinitely superior chocolate and the PERFECT PRESENT.
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