Chocolate Sauce

This incredibly simple recipe is a ganache - the starting point to so many of our fresh chocolates. Made to a thin consistency and used warm, this makes the most brilliant, delicious and quick sauce for ice cream. An easy one for the kids to master.
Ingredients227ml pot of double cream (preferably organic) 200g dark chocolate (preferably over 60%), chopped
Prep Time5 Minutes
Cooking Time10 Minutes
  1. Measure out 200g of dark chocolate. Chop into smaller chunks.

  2. Use a small pan to heat a 227ml carton of double cream, until it starts to bubble very slightly at the edges.

  3. Remove the pan from the heat and add the chopped chocolate pieces.

  4. Using a wooden spoon stir the mixture until all the chocolate has melted and created a thick, glossy sauce.

  5. Spoon generously over vanilla ice cream whilst the sauce is still warm.
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