Decorate your Christmas Table with Melt chocolate

Melting Icicles in our Winter Wonderland

"Decorate your Christmas Table with Melt chocolate"

Melt's Christmas 2019 - Inspired by the Arctic


Beautiful Chocolate gifts for your Christmas Table

Melt is launching it's 2019 Christmas range. Stunningly beautiful Christmas designs combined with amazing chocolates. Inspired by melting icicles in the Artic winter wonderland, but dripping with chocolate.  Think of White Norsemen from Scandinavia and Chocolate Gnomes, living among snow-laden fir trees in a pristine Arctic forest.

We have collaborated with Summerhill & Bishop, a Notting Hill icon, to create a fabulous decorated Christmas table that celebrates a winter starry night.  Founded by June Summerill and Bernadette Bishop - two great friends with a unique sense of style, we have decorated their table with dreamy Melt Chocolates - creating a magical Melt Christmas.

Melt's Chocolate Christmas Crackers are decorated with melting icicles and filled with delicious chocolates. Our aim is to minimize our footprint and minimize waste, so our Christmas crackers have done away with plastic toys - which are always thrown away - creating more landfill. So we have a hat, a joke and some delicious chocolate to enjoy. Melt's aim is to keep the Arctic pristine.

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