Melt Monthly Subscriptions


Join London's Most Luxurious Chocolate Club. Choose either a Monthly Box of Fresh Chocolates or a Selection of Three Amazing Melt Bars. (You can also alternate between these two options). The best box of chocolates in the UK! Our Chocolatiers will handcraft your chocolates fresh from the heart of Notting Hill. Enjoy the sublime experience of Melt’s Chocolates delivered to your doorstep!

With each new subscription and club melt member, we are giving you a FREE chocolate course in the heart of fashionable Notting Hill*. As an introductory offer, you can select a free chocolate course worth up to £50 for early subscribers. Choose either Fresh chocolates or  Melt's "Unbelievable vegan chocolates" and become a Club Melt member.


Order your monthly chocolate subscription now and we will offer you a FREE chocolate course in the heart of Notting Hill. When you place your order and click that button - SHOP NOW. A complex process is triggered. Our World-class Chocolatiers will start to handmake your fresh chocolates in our Notting Hill kitchens. Our shop team will then pack your chocolates in our beautiful designer boxes, which are entirely plastic-free. The next day we will deliver your fresh chocolates to your doorstep every month.  A miracle of modern times - delivering chocolate from the Amazon to your very doorstep.


Melt's vegan chocolates taste "unbelievable". Our aim is to make them both good for you and the planet. Your luxury chocolate comes in a beautiful designer box. Chocolate is naturally vegan, as it's the fruit of the evergreen cocoa tree.

We are dedicated to gifting a pristine planet to our children. Melt is fanatically plastic-free and also minimizes food miles by co-locating our kitchens in our shops.   Saving the planet one plant at a time.


What could be better than the delivery of handmade chocolate to your door every month.  Melt's mini club chocolate bar subscription is designed with letterbox delivery in mind. This takes the hassle out of getting your favourite chocolate each month. A monthly supply of our handmade chocolates prepared from the heart of Notting Hill and grown in the depths of the Amazon. Each delicious package is designed to fit through your letterbox. London's Most Luxurious Chocolate company delivers the world's best chocolate direct to your door. Three designer mini-chocolate bars each month for only £9.99 per month, at 30% discount to the normal retail price.

The Quest for a Sublime Experience


Club Melt’s purpose is to explore the sublime.  To explore this sensation, Melt believes you need two simple but essential ingredients – great chocolate and great courses.

Great cocoa experiences introduce you to the world of chocolate.

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