Ruby Chocolate -the colour of love and Rose - the flower of love

London's Most Loveable Chocolate Company presents our Ruby Chocolate Valentines Box. Made in the Heart of Notting Hill with Ruby Chocolate for your loved ones. Our chocolate is infused with rose. The chocolate and flower of love.

Ruby chocolate is the chocolate of love.  It is the first new naturalcolourof chocolate for more than 80 years. It representsa fourthtype of chocolate. The rubycolourcomes from the cocoa beans - is totally natural and vegan. The chocolate makers don't addflavourings,colourings, or additives: thecolouris purely coming from the bean, anditsall natural. Like many great inventions - it was discovered by chance. This is a new category of chocolate -joining the pantheonof:Dark Chocolate, Milk ChocolateandWhite Chocolate to make it own new category: - ruby chocolate. The red rosecolourderives entirely from the special red cocoa beans and the time it has been fermented. While the exact process is a secret it is possiblethat  ruby colouris made with unfermented cocoa beans, which can have a natural red-pinkishcolour.

The taste of ruby chocolate is that of berry-fruitiness and sweetness. The chocolate brings out the natural fruits in chocolate. In addition to the pinky hue, Melt has infused rose oil - giving a delicious roseflavourto the chocolate..Buy your ruby chocolate from Melt. Handmade with love from the heart of Notting Hill by London's Most Luxurious chocolate company.

Bean-to-Bar Course as a Valentines Gift

The perfect Valentines gift is the intimate experience of turning raw cocoa beans into your own personal and unique chocolate bar.  Melt will guide you through the steps from the raw cocoa bean to your very own unique chocolate bar. A "beautiful, beautiful experience" in London and ideal fora Valentine'sday gift for a couple. This hands-on experience of making chocolate isa heldin our beautiful boutique in the heart of Notting Hill.

Making your own chocolate bar is a beautiful and immersive journey, which transforms the raw cocoa beans to an amazing chocolate bar - allowing you to enjoy its delicious taste at every stage of its journey.

"All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt! ". (in Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz) Cupid's arrow delivered with a chocolate bar attached -  London's Most Luxurious Love Bars.

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