Telegraph Your Love in chocolate letters - Melt's Alphabet Bars


Telegraph your love by writing your personal message in chocolate. Let loose your creativity as each letter is written in our Alphabet chocolate bars.  The dramatic possibilities are endless. Chocolate letters and love make the best valentine's day gift.

London's Most Luxurious Love bars mean you can send your love letters with delicious chocolate. A personal love message written in chocolate is Valentine's Day best gift.  Like the Telegraph of the Victorian era, each letter has a specific cost. So you need to be economical and creative with your words:

For rich lovers.

For the creative.

For the artistic.

"If musicbethe food of love, play on, give me excess of it"  - our sentiment of combining chocolate, lettersandlove. Chocolate is notorious for being an aphrodisiac and now the science is demonstrating that chocolate has a bigger impact on women than on men. Melt's valentines chocolate box is for those who want to have an "excess of it".  London's Most Luxurious Love bars mean you can send your love letters with delicious chocolate. A personal love message written in chocolate is Valentine's Day best gift.

In Victorian times the telegraph was the internet and couples rushed to send their love messages via telegrams using the language of Morse. They even got married using the new technology. Who would imagine that those Morse coded messages could be loaded with love. That the way the messages were even transcribed - could identify the sender by their telegram signature. Identifying their gender - male or female and their style. With London's Most Luxurious Chocolate you can say it in lettered Chocolate bars - an echo of a bygone era.

..|||||||. __ . .|||__ __ __ |||. __ __ __ ||||.|||||||__. __ __|||__ __ __|||..__|||||||
dot dotdot DASH dot dot | DASH DASH DASH | dot DASH DASH DAH|dotDASH dot DASH DASH | DASH DASH DASH | dot dot DAH

"All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt! " (in Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz).  Cupid's arrow is now delivered with a chocolate bar attached -  London's Most Luxurious Love Bars.

Chocolate is a powerful stimulant, an extremely complex chemical compound that affects the brain, including caffeine and theobromines. And it’s true: chocolate does affect women differently than men, says Anthony Augur, an assistant professor of psychology at UW–Madison.  Auger, who studies sex differences in the brain, agrees that women have a stronger craving for chocolate. Magnetic resonance (MR) images of brains showed that the hypothalamus was less active in women after they consumed large amounts of chocolate. Since the hypothalamus helps regulate food intake, this could explain why chocolate is more likely to reduce a woman'shunger,and can act as a dietary suppressant. The study also found decreased activity in the amygdala, a key emotional center in the brain. The amygdala regulates positive and negative emotions, but also sexual behavior and desire. So chocolate has a potential impact on those behaviors, although there are no direct data to prove that. Consistently, a few studies have shown that more than 92 percent of those who experience strong cravings for chocolate are female.

- Melt

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24/10/2019 14:07
I like your creativity as each letter is written on Alphabet chocolate bars. Cacaoandcardamom so many verities and tasty chocolates are available