Virtual Easter Egg Decoration

Decorate your own delicious Easter Egg. Become a chocolatier for a day by joining Willy Wonka in the Chocolate Factory. Guided by our Chocolatier you will get to personalise your own Easter egg. Creating a unique Easter Egg with your own flavours. Join our Virtual Easter Event! Get the family & friends together and spend a fun and educational time decorating your very own Easter Egg. Ronald Dahl dreamed of inventing new recipes and new chocolates. This is your opportunity to win the golden ticket. Gifting Information: - 1 Milk Easter Egg - Dark, milk and white chocolate buttons. - Sea Salt, Mint, Chilli & Almond nibs sache bags. - Waxed paper for piping bags (We will show you how to create your own one!) - Step by step guide. - All wrapped inside a beautiful Melt Drippy Box.
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Exquisite milk chocolate Easter egg with a nutty capule rocher. Along with a tasty candied orange tail. Luxury Chocolate Easter Egg.

Small Acorn Easter Egg

PRE-ORDER NOW! Exquisite milk and dark chocolate Easter egg with a nutty capule almond rocher. Along with a tasty candied orange tail. Designed in-house - this gorgeous and beautifully hand-crafted Acorn Easter Egg combines silky smooth milk chocolate with an almond rocher cup and a rich 70% dark chocolate. Acorns have special resonance in Notting Hill and Great Britain. As from "small acorns, mighty oaks are grown". Food miles have been minimized as the kitchen is located in our boutiques to reduce our carbon footprint. Egg weight: 80g.
Picture of EASTER Chunky Bars

EASTER Chunky Bars

6 Milk chocolate crunchy bars, spelling EASTER in an elegant and colourful way. Perfect present for sharing! Weight: 270g.