Wild Organic Dark - Melt's Mini Bar

Melt goes wild with this exciting dark chocolate bar. The rare organic beans are harvested from wild cocoa trees in Bolivia, this chocolate is not rough or untamed, but smooth, sweet and soft. This chocolate will give you a long, clean finish. A truly vegan chocolate bar.
Plastic-free packaging as we care about the largest garden in the world - our oceans.

Weight: 45g.
IngredientsWhy Fresh is Better
Single Origin chocolate from Bolivia (Cocoa solids 68% min, sugar, cocoa butter). Allergens in bold. We use nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, dairy, soya and wheat (gluten) in our kitchens).
Environmentally friendly: Melt bars are completely plastic-free as we care about our environment and our oceans.  Gift a pristine ocean to our children by reducing single-use plastic packaging - Melt has been at the vanguard of this movement for over 10 years.

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